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 Maintenance Log

12/12/2018 3:01 PM
Door hook broken for my corridor door and needs replacing/fixing.

Also have some staples in some wood that i need help getting out.
12/5/2018 4:06 PM
Blinds not working in classroom - logging again, please see comments.
50 %
Just following up re- my blinds. The blinds have to remain fully up because if they are down they roll all the way out. They cannot remain down as the classroom is too dark but as they are fully up we cannot get shade when we need it, making it difficult to use the interactive white board etc. Can you please let me know when they will be fixed? Also a student broke the cord on the blind over the back door.
replacement parts have left Melbourne. Curtains 'n' Finishings will advise when they can fix repairs.
11/25/2018 2:47 PM
Blinds (first 2) not working properly
blinds will not hold in place when only pulled up part way, instead they fully unwind.
10/3/2018 11:56 AM
Carpet in Debbie Bishops classroom needs replacing.
8/22/2018 8:31 AM
Ceiling appears to be cracked and possibly caving in.
25 %
Possible safety issue
Trevor Crawford coming to have a look
7/31/2018 8:45 AM
Ants are a real problem again. Now in bag area and parents have complained that their childs bag has gone home with ants inside.
7/24/2018 8:31 AM
Leaking roof in corridor outside room 8
job logged with DoE
4/18/2018 11:30 AM
** Plaster flaking off ceiling in serveral areas along main corridor. Querying possible "Asbestos" ???
2/9/2018 8:59 AM
Ants are terrible in Kinder too. Can we please fumigate.
2/8/2018 1:10 PM
Ants are a real problem in all classrooms.
Can we fumigate?
11/16/2017 4:31 PM
Wooden seats outside room 6 need a sand or something due to kids getting splinters.
2/22/2017 2:19 PM
Separate light switch between music and the room next door?